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You know what surprises me most about masto? i haven't seen a single person here reference tom bombadil. seems like the sort of environment that would have some bombadil stans idk

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*nyooms in*

🦒 I’m nyooming across your timeline! Boost to help me nyoom around the fediverse! 🦒

*nyooms out*

"The Blaster Beam - Craig Huxley" if you like the 80's and synth composers, get a load of this

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The existence of "meat space" implies the existence of "vegetable space," "dairy space" and "bread space"

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Boomer: things should be more like the good old days
Me: yes they should
Boomer: wait no not like that

It's horror movies time but I've watched all the good ones so wish me luck.

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The existence of Ryan Gosling implies the existence of a much larger and older Ryan Goose

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@Gargron on a random note this reminded me of an idea I had.

I was thinking of how you could create a portable federated profile, and it could work similarly to SSH keys.

You could generate a key pair on the home server, and use the private key to encrypt your profile info.

Then when you create an account on another server, paste your public key, and it will try to pull profile info from your home server and try to decrypt it using the key your provided.

I fucked up. I meant to get Cholula but I got Tapatio instead. fml

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it's staggeringly wild how much better a movie Hackers is than Reality Bites

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Most people don't know that the Brexit movement was spurred by new EU rules that would have required Hogwarts to install fire escapes

Boiling some sweet potatoes for my dog. She likes them cooked and then frozen.

I both love and hate the music on The Orville. I'm starting it for the first time and it's like the uncanny valley of soundtracks.


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